Story of logistics centers manager

Story of logistics centers manager

Risto Retsnik: Manager of the Year 2023

Risto, who has more than 15 years of experience in the field of logistics, is a true professional in his field. This is also illustrated by the fact that he was selected as Logistika Pluss’ Manager of the Year 2023. Risto came to the company through an open competition, as the company’s reputation and exciting challenges attracted his attention.

Having worked in several positions in the logistics sector both in Estonia and abroad, Ristol had a clear vision of how to apply his experience and skills in Logistika Pluss and contribute to the achievement of the company’s goals. After a successful application round, he was chosen as the manager of the logistics centers.

Risto is responsible for the effective management of Logistika Pluss logistics center operations. His days are filled with resource planning, service quality assurance and warehouse financial management. In addition to this, regular meetings, guiding and motivating the team, and analyzing customer needs.

One of the most memorable achievements and projects for Risto at Logistika Pluss has been the development of a digital solution for the management of performance fees, which led to a significant increase in efficiency and made it possible to better monitor and motivate the team’s performance. Risto is also playing a major role in building an ecommerce service where he can leverage his ability to build and lead a successful team.

Regarding the work culture of Logistika Pluss, Risto points out that it is open, supportive and cooperative. He likes that honest communication, taking initiative and the importance of teamwork are valued. Employees are encouraged to express their ideas and take responsibility for the results of their work.

Risto feels that professional growth and development are supported in Logistika Pluss in many ways. He receives regular feedback and mentoring from his manager and has the opportunity to participate in various projects and challenges that help to expand skills and knowledge.

We asked the manager of logistics centers where he thinks the field of logistics is going. Risto pointed out that a trend continues to be towards digital solutions and automation, which makes work more efficient, but also requires constant adaptation and learning new technologies. Also, the principles of green and sustainable logistics increasingly affect our work and require new approaches and solutions.

Risto advises people who want to pursue a career in the field of logistics to constantly learn and improve themselves, to be open to new ideas and technologies, and to develop communication and problem-solving skills. He also emphasizes the importance of monitoring industry trends.

To balance work and private life, Risto consciously invests time for rest, hobbies and spending time with family, and also uses the flexibility of working hours to fit his schedule according to his needs.

Risto wants to assure customers and partners that he and all Logistika Pluss team are committed to providing the best possible service and solutions, and we are always open to feedback and ideas. The goal of Logistika Pluss is to create long-term and mutually beneficial relationships and help customers achieve their goals and success.