Warehouse service

Warehouse service

If you need a place to store your goods, this can be solved with the help of a reliable logistics partner. You do not have to invest in warehouse space, equipment, systems, labor by yourself.

We can provide a suitable warehousing service based on the needs and specifics of your business. You can focus on your core business and grow your business. You can also turn your fixed costs into variable costs, as there is no need to maintain resources yourself.

The operations of a normal warehouse are as follows:

Goods reception
  • we control the quantity and quality
  • we place the goods on pallets
  • we handle returns
Storage of goods
  • we monitor the movement of goods on a batch basis (FIFO, FEFO method)
  • we conduct the inventories
  • we make goods visible on the customer web (ePluss)
Order processing
  • we accept orders electronically
  • we assemble the goods
  • we enable online ordering and sales reports
  • we prepare delivery notes
Value-added work
  • we put on the labels
  • we repack
  • we control the quality
  • we replace and repair defective products
Delivery of goods
  • we sort incoming shipments and divide them into individual customer shipments, which in turn are consolidated for delivery in one shipment

We also offer customs warehouse services!

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