Customs agency services

Customs agency services

Your reliable and trustworthy customs partner!

We have the status of an Authorized Economic Operator (AEO).

Our highly experienced specialists solve all customs-related issues quickly and correctly.

We provide the service both to our warehouse customers and to customers who need just customs service. We offer customs services all over Estonia.

Cooperation with us is an ideal solution if you know the value of time and prefer quality services!

Customs services we offer:

Import customs clearance

Import customs clearance is for importing goods from a third country.

  • Release of goods for free circulation (simultaneous release for free circulation and use, payment of import duties)
  • Release for free circulation of goods for VAT release purposes in connection with the transfer of goods to another EU member country (procedure 42)
  • Temporary admission
  • Inward processing

Customs clearance for export

Export is the export of goods from the territory of the Community.

The export applies to:

  • For the definitive exit of Community goods from the customs territory of the Union
  • For the temporary export of Union goods with the intention of re-importing the goods within 3 years (no re-import obligation)
  • For dispatch to specific areas of the customs territory of the Union (Åland, Canary Islands, Channel Islands, French Overseas Territories (Guadeloupe, Guiana, Martinique, Reunion and Mayotte), Mount Athos)
Transit (T1, T2)

Transit is a customs procedure which allows non-Community and Community goods to be transported under customs supervision (without import duties) from the customs office of departure to the customs office of destination in the customs territory of the EU. We also offer transit guarantees.

T2L / T2F

Proof of customs status of Union goods by T2L / T2LF documents.

T2L / T2LF is a document certifying the status of EU goods. T2L / T2LF is used when the goods do not move directly from one EU country to another, but in the meantime pass through a third country (for example, by sea). Upon presentation of the document, the recipients of the goods do not have to place a customs procedure or pay import duties on the importation of the goods.


Execution of certificates of origin and preferential origin (EUR.1, A.TR)

  • Calculation of import duties
  • Tariff classification of goods
  • Consultations and advice on customs matters
Tax administration

Upon importation, in order to release the goods from customs control, import duties (customs duty, import VAT, excise duty) must be paid. By using the payment service, Logistika Pluss guarantees the taxes assigned to the customs on behalf of the customer. The customer receives an extension of the deadline for payment of import duties.

Contact our customs department at ph. +372 5302 8800, and we will help you solve all your customs-related problems.