Repair (Re-work)

Repair (Re-work)

Your supplier has sent you an order for the components, but you find that there are defective products in the lot. If the defect can be rectified without having to return the entire order, we can help you repair it. We follow the instructions given by the supplier and ensure that the delivery delay for you is as short as possible.

You don’t have to spend time waiting for a new order, and you can use the components in your production much faster.


You are in a situation where your product needs to be restored to its original condition. After restoration, the product can be used or sold again.

We can perform color corrections, repackaging, testing, etc. The recovery process is very individual and product-based. In cooperation, we can find a suitable solution for the recovery of your products.

Replacement of modules

In a situation where the product in storage has outdated components, you may need to replace the modules. We can help you extend the life cycle of the final product. With this service, you can avoid unreasonable disposal costs and sell the products in storage according to your production or sales plans.


If your product is returned or the product in storage has outdated components, but it is unreasonable to replace the modules or components, you may need to disassemble the product. We can help separate the components that are still in use and direct the rest to disposal.


If your product is returned or expires during storage, it is possible to dismantle it. We can send the sorted surpluses (cables, housings, and similar components) for disposal to you. You can focus on your core business and be sure that disposal is in accordance with the specifics of your products and applicable legislation.

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