E-commerce logistics

E-commerce logistics

Logistics does not only mean transport. You can get a full service solution from us – in addition to delivery, storage, packaging and shipping. That way you win both in costs and time.

If you entrust the logistics to an experienced logistics partner, you can focus on sales and growing your main business.

Thanks to a long-term experience in providing various logistics services, we can help to improve your logistics processes, guarantee the agreed delivery time and delivery quality of the goods.

To serve e-commerce customers, we have a special separate team in the warehouse with relevant knowledge and experience. On a daily basis, service managers and customs agents communicate with customers, who strive to provide you with high-quality service as a reliable cooperation partner.

Smooth order fulfillment from your online store to the customer’s door:

  • Connect your e-shop and send us your products
  • We store your stocks safely in our logistics centers
  • Your customer places an order in your e-shop
  • We pick, pack and send the order quickly to your customer
  • Delivery time to Europe is 1-4 working days. Orders made before lunch we ship the same evening
  • If desired, we also handle returns

There are different ways to interface software with us:

Outvio solution

Connect your e-shop through Outvio to our warehouse management software:

  • Outvio is designed for e-shops of all sizes, from e-commerce start-ups to large online department stores. Among the functions available are the automation of sending and returning orders, optimizing customer support, strengthening your brand and doing after-sales marketing.
  • All major courier companies are connected to the same connection, and the store’s purchases go to both the warehouse and the courier at the same time.
  • Setting up a connection is affordable and only a matter of days.

Direct interfacing

Connect your ERP directly to the Logistika Pluss warehouse management software:

  • Your customers’ orders arrive at the Logistika Pluss warehouse in an instant, and the information from the warehouse system is sent back to your data system about order completion and readiness for dispatch exactly when these activities have been performed.
  • In addition, the courier transport label is printed in the warehouse and placed on the shipment.

By using Logistika Pluss as your 3PL service provider, thanks to our volume factor, the prices for both Outvio service fees and courier fees may be more more affordable for you than when directly contracting with courier service providers.

In cooperation, we will find the most suitable e-commerce logistics solutions for you, contact us by phone: +372 5918 7600 or by e-mail

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