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E-commerce full solution of Logistika Pluss changes the management of e-store orders

The share of e-commerce in the economy increases every year, and therefore the number of companies that direct their sales volumes there.

As a warehouse service provider, at Logistika Pluss we have understood the need for a flexible and scalable solution that could be easily connected to various service providers (couriers, e-shop platforms, WMS or ERP systems) and would help realize the full e-commerce potential of our customers.

As a result, we made a strategic decision to use the Outvio SaaS solution to quickly and conveniently connect different parties, which makes it easy and convenient to order a full e-commerce service from us.

Outvio is designed for e-shops of all sizes, from e-commerce start-ups to large online department stores. Among the functions available are the automation of sending and returning orders, optimizing customer support, strengthening your brand and doing after-sales marketing.

Why is the Logistika Pluss & Outvio solution convenient?

Advanced integration options

E-commerce companies rely on many service providers for logistics, inventory management, order fulfillment, shipping and more. With these SaaS solutions, we can seamlessly connect and integrate with these providers through standardized APIs and connectors.

Flexibility and scalability

E-commerce is characterized by rapid growth and fluctuating consumption, in order to effectively handle these dynamics, our company was looking for a solution that would allow flexibility and scalability.

Whether we need to bring in new service providers, accommodate increased order volumes, or adjust our logistics processes, the software allows us to do so seamlessly.

This flexibility allows us to effectively respond to the changing needs of our e-commerce customers, ensuring the smooth running of their operations.

Cost efficiency and time saving

Traditional integration methods often involve significant input costs for building systems and interfaces.

When interfacing with Logistika Pluss through Outvio, there are already pre-built integrations and user-friendly interfaces, which significantly reduces the time and effort required for implementation, training and customer support.

Constant additions and updates

Providers of such SaaS solutions are interested in staying at the forefront of technology development and providing value to their customers. By using SaaS solutions to integrate service providers, our company can also participate in continuous innovation and development.

We benefit from automatic updates, feature improvements, and access to the latest tools and technologies.

This ensures that integration processes are always up-to-date, efficient and in line with industry best practices, allowing us to provide exceptional service to our e-commerce customers.

Choose Logistika Pluss logistics solution

Arguably the best feature of any warehouse for an online merchant is scalability.

Most merchants understand that depending on the type of merchandise they sell, there are peak sales seasons throughout the year.

By using the full service of Logistika Pluss, you will never have to worry about space or the ability to complete orders. As a full-service provider of e-commerce logistics, we guarantee the volume and quality of the service.

If you are interested in moving to new countries or starting to use your e-shop to sell goods, feel free to contact Logistika Pluss team!

Our full solution for e-commerce makes managing e-shop orders fast, convenient and cost-effective!

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