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E-merchant’s path to success: How 3PL logistics services change your business

E-commerce has seen significant growth in recent years. The key to this growth often lies in the ability to provide customers with fast and efficient delivery of goods.

This is where third-party logistics services (3PLs), come into play, offering e-tailer the opportunity to focus on their core business while a logistics company specialists take care of your supply chain efficiency.

Faster delivery = satisfied customers

One of the biggest advantages that 3PL companies offer is the ability to ensure fast and reliable delivery of goods to the end customer. Delivery time is one of the most important factors affecting customer satisfaction in e-commerce. 3PL companies have extensive experience and infrastructure that allows them to efficiently manage the supply chain, while reducing delivery time and ensuring that orders reach customers on time.

Cost effectiveness and efficiency

It is often a challenge for e-tailers to find a balance between high-quality logistics services and costs. 3PL companies offer the opportunity to use their specialized services without having to invest in the entire logistics infrastructure. This helps e-merchants reduce costs as they only pay for the services they actually use and do not have to worry about the complexity of logistics operations.

Increased scalability and flexibility

3PL companies specialize in providing logistics services and are able to adapt to the growth of the e-tailer. As your business grows, 3PL services can grow with you. This gives the e-tailer greater scalability and flexibility without having to worry about expanding the supply chain and hiring additional staff.

Technological solutions

3PL companies invest in modern technological solutions that enable more accurate tracking of goods, inventory management and order fulfillment. E-merchants benefit from advanced systems that ensure order accuracy and efficiency, without the need to build and invest in their own systems.

Focus on core business

By using 3PL logistics services, e-tailers can focus on their core business – product development, sales and customer relationship management. Logistics is left to experts, which allows the company to grow and develop its main activities without having to worry about logistical processes and their complexity.

From Logistika Pluss, you get smooth order fulfillment from your online store to the customer’s door:

• Connect your e-shop via API and send us your goods;

• We keep your stock of goods safely in our logistics center;

• Your customer places an order in your store;

• We pick, pack and send the order quickly to your customer.

Thanks to our long-term experience in providing various logistics services, we help to streamline logistics processes, guarantee the agreed delivery time and delivery quality of the goods. If you wish, you can get even more from us than just assembling, packing and shipping. With our help, you can offer customers your products from personalized and memorable unpacking experiences to faster same-day delivery – Logistika Pluss offers best supply chain solutions and fulfills global orders from Tallinn to meet your customers expectations!

Together we will find the most suitable e-commerce logistics solutions for you, you can contact us by phone: +372 5918 7600 or e-mail