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Logistika Pluss helps e-commerce customer to use recycling packaging

Every year, the desire of consumers to use environmentally friendly products and services in trade increases. For Logistika Pluss, environmental issues have been an area close to our hearts for many years, and we consistently take steps ourselves to make the world a more environmentally friendly place. Therefore, we are especially happy that our good customer Baltika is one of the first e-stores that has decided to adopt a smart and environmentally friendly solution and offers a choice of reusable packaging to its customers.

The packaging to be used is a product of the Estonian company Low imPACK, which was created with the aim of reducing packaging waste and is a good alternative to a regular cardboard box. Low imPACK packaging is produced with low energy consumption and from textile waste.

Joining the circulation system and offering the Low imPACK box in the e-store was rather easy for Baltika in terms of development. “We had to think through and analyze the cooperation of different systems, the accounting requirements and also the logistics partner’s needs, since it is, after all, deposit package. Therefore, there are no major obstacles with it, and anyone who has the slightest interest could offer recycling packaging in their e-shop without any major obstacles,” says Elis Püvi, Head of E-commerce at Baltika Group.

The packaging cycle works in such a way that the consumer chooses the Low imPACK packaging for the goods when making a purchase in the Baltika brand Ivo Nikkolo e-store and pays a refundable deposit. We pack the order in our logistics center and send the goods to the ordered parcel machine with the courier company chosen by the customer. The buyer, upon receiving the order, scans the QR code on the Low imPACK package with his phone, takes the empty package to the Tango return box and gets his paid deposit back. Baltika transport partner Smartpost Itella collects the packages all over Estonia and delivers them to Low imPACK, who sorts, cleans and sends the packages back for consumption.

One of the founders, Kaie Kaas-Ojavere, explains how Low imPACK packaging was born: “The material for recycling packaging was originally developed in TalTech’s laboratory and further developed into packaging by Low imPACK. Innovative textile packaging has an eye-catching appearance and offers customers an emotional unpacking experience. In addition, they are durable, moisture-proof and reusable up to 20 times. No water or chemicals are used to produce the packaging, no trees have to be cut down, and the CO2 footprint of the production process is 72% smaller compared to a cardboard box. Using only 5,000 recycled packaging 20 times saves 42 tons of packaging waste.” Therefore, Low imPACK recyclable packaging alleviates two environmental pain points at the same time: it helps to reduce new garbage and reuses waste already generated in the textile industry. Most importantly, returning and recycling is made easy and convenient for people.

“In the case of Ivo Nikkolo’s customers, they are women who have very firm values and a reverent attitude towards their life and the environment around them. Therefore, joining the recycling system and the Low imPack initiative not only supports the goals of Baltica Group as a company, but is also a response to the wishes of Ivo Nikkolo’s customers,” added Ritsberg.

So, together with Low imPACk, Baltika and Smartpost Itella, we are now participating in the circular economy, the goal of which is to significantly reduce the footprint of e-commerce and packaging waste.

For Baltika Group, joining the system was a completely logical step both in terms of business goals and the fashion industry becoming more sustainable.

“Together with the renewed Ivo Nikkolo brand and clothing collection, Baltika Group’s strong focus is sustainability and reducing the ecological footprint in the clothing industry. Already today, 15% of our entire collection is made from environmentally friendly materials,” says Triin Ritsberg, Marketing and Communications Manager of Baltika Group.

Reducing the negative impact on the environment and sustainability are also under strong attention at Logistika Pluss, and it is one part of our overall strategy. We are happy to help our customers implement similar environmentally friendly solutions as implemented by Baltika. If you also want to integrate such innovations in your company, you are welcome to contact us and we will find a solution together to make it work.

Let’s think green!