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How Logistika Pluss creates strong customer relationships: practical tricks and experiences

Customer relations – an important link in the success story of any company. Building strong and lasting relationships with customers is the foundation of the company’s sustainability and the key to growth. Although it may seem like a challenge, building and maintaining good relationships is worth the effort as it ensures the long-term success of the business. In this article, we share practical tips on how to build and maintain strong customer relationships, illustrating it with examples and experiences from Logistika Pluss. These tricks apply to any industry, whether you are a small business, a large corporation, or even a non-profit organization. We believe you will find practical ideas here for your own business as well.

Listen to your customers

Listening to customers’ needs and concerns is priority. Make sure they feel heard and understood, as this helps build trusting relationships. Gather information about customer needs and expectations that will help you better understand the market and make strategic decisions to improve service quality and efficiency. At Logistika Pluss, for example, we have created a separate customer service department that is responsible for creating and managing customer relationships.

Kadi Torn, our Head of Customer Relations, points out that although the rapid development of technology has affected the role of customer relations over time and most data exchange works automatically these days, we still communicate with our customers on a regular basis. Good relationships and understanding of the client’s needs are critical, as satisfied clients are willing to use the company’s services and recommend them to others.

Provide high quality products or services

A quality product or service is the key to a satisfied customer. Never compromise on quality. If the customer gets more than he expected, his satisfaction is high, which creates good conditions for a long-term relationship. At Logistika Pluss, we have created management systems, processes and agreed key indicators for monitoring, which would support the provision of high service quality to the customer. Today we can say that our service quality indicator in the second quarter was 99.6% and our customers’ reliability rating was 9.1 points (out of 10) as proof of this commitment. It is important to be committed to quality and ensuring customer satisfaction, and we will certainly continue in the same spirit.

Be reliable

Always be honest and keep your promises. Losing trust can be damaging and difficult to regain. Customer relations manager Kadi says that there have been various cases in her practice where at first the situation seems unavoidably bad, but talking is always the best way to find solutions. You have to be honest, listen to the expectations and obstacles of the other side, and then together find the best solution for both sides. One of the foundations of Logistika Pluss is our jointly agreed values, openness and honesty, and we follow them daily in our communication with customers.

Provide a personalized experience

Customers appreciate a personal approach. Make an effort to understand their individual needs and desires. Kadi, the Head of Customer Relations, points out that there are many reasons for not getting something done, but it must always be approached on how we CAN get it done. If your business can provide a better personal experience than others, customers are likely to choose you.

Follow the feedback

Ask for customer feedback and take it seriously. This will help you improve your products or services and show that you care about their opinion. A strong customer relationship helps a company stand out and differentiate itself from its competitors. According to Kadi, a trusting and loyal customer is the best reference for the company.

Stay in touch

Don’t let customer relationships die after a sale. Regular communication shows your commitment and care. In a rapidly changing business environment, the role of customer relations is increasingly important. The logistics sector is a good example of this, as supply chains become more complex and faster, and the demand for reliable service increases. One of the main components that helps companies stand out and differentiate from their competitors is high quality customer service. Therefore, the most important thing is to establish and maintain a reliable contact with customers.

If customers receive good service and their needs are responded quickly and efficiently, they are more likely to remain loyal customers and recommend the company to others. At Logistika Pluss, we strive every day and follow the same tricks to create and maintain strong relationships with our customers and to be the best service provider in the field of logistics services.