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North-Estonian Medical Center signed a warehouse service contract with Logistika Pluss

North-Estonian Medical Center signed a public procurement contract for the provision of warehousing services with the warehousing and production logistics company Logistika Pluss, which proved to be a successful bidder in front of other major Estonian logistics companies.

The warehousing service offered under the agreement consists of the daily assembly of hospital trolleys, the storage of strategic stock and, in crisis situations, the rapid release of this stock with round-the-clock readiness. This is the first time in Estonia and the surrounding area, where a large hospital entrusts the logistics, assembly and deliveries of its daily consumables to an external service provider.

According to Tarmo Vadi, the logistic manager of North-Estonian Medical Center, the Center has made a well-considered choice to switch to the 3PL model in managing its inventories across the entire hospital network. “We believe that Logistika Pluss, with its expertise and innovation, is a strong support here,” said Vadi, adding: “Implementing the 3PL model in supplying healthcare institutions is a new approach both in Estonia and in the surrounding region.”

According to Toomas Orutar, the manager of Logistika Pluss, according to the agreement, the company must ensure that the service offered is of high quality and timely. “The employees of Logistika Pluss understand the high level of responsibility they have in supporting the day-to-day operation of a top Estonian hospital. In addition, we want to contribute to the improvement of the Medical Center’s processes through daily proactivity and professionalism, ie to be a strategic partner for them,” said Orutar.

On the 13th of September in 2021, the North-Estonian Medical Center signed into a warehouse service agreement with Logistika Pluss for eight years. According to the public procurement contract, the purpose of the warehousing service is to receive and check the conformity, storage, warehousing and assembly of medical and economic supplies.