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A work environment rich in experience: Angeelika’s perspective

Logistika Pluss is known for its versatile and supportive work environment, where employees find challenges and opportunities for development. One inspiring example is Angeelika, who found her way into the company by looking for a job in HR. She shares her experiences, opening the door to the world of Logistika Pluss and talking about how her daily work has turned into a diverse and inspiring journey. Through Angeelika’s eyes, we get an exciting look at how company’s values and work culture support employee development, and what Angeelika’s visions are about future trends in HR and logistics.

HR specialist Angeelika found her way to the company while looking for a job in the HR field, which would cover this profession more broadly. The search brought her to Logistika Pluss, where she found a versatile output and a pleasant working environment with supportive colleagues.

Angeelika’s daily work is diverse, covering all areas of HR work. Among her tasks are the administration of employment relations, administration of personnel documentation, recruitment, occupational safety topics as well as the organization of trainings, event planning, internal communication and organization of various surveys in the company.

One of the most memorable projects for Angeelika has been organization of a children’s day in the company, during which children could get to know the working environment of their parents. Positive feedback from both children and parents proved that the project was successful and that such initiatives create a pleasant work environment for employees.

According to Angeelika, Logistika Pluss team has been very supportive and favorable to personal development. As a good example, she brings out the opportunity to participate in workplace-based learning aimed at increasing the competence of warehouse employees. Although the education of a logistician-transport operator is not directly related to her daily work, according to Angeelika, it gives her a lot of knowledge about logistics and helps her see bigger picture.

Angeelika appreciates the fact that work culture of Logistika Pluss is based on the values of our company. People are not afraid to admit their mistakes, because by admitting and correcting them, learning and development takes place. We are always thinking about the future – how our decisions affect it and how to make things better. We keep our promises and we are punctual.

We asked Angeelika what her biggest lessons have been during her ten months working in Logistika Pluss. She feels that she has learned a lot, gained a lot of new knowledge about warehousing and logistics, as well as HR work, since this is her first job in this field. Cooperation with different types of people has given many places to learn how to handle stressful situations and how to communicate topics correctly.

In future trends, Angeelika sees that general digitization and paper freedom will greatly change both logistics and HR work in the future. There is a need to change work processes and to train employees and increase their competence. When recruiting employees, the focus is increasingly on ensuring that the person has a good level of digital skills.

For those who want to pursue a career in logistics, Angeelika recommends starting at the grassroots level, just like in any other field. It allows you to understand the basics of the field and develop skills.